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Minerals and chemical raw materials

Organic sulfur MSM – methylsulfonylmethane

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Organic sulfur or MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) is a natural, pure, odorless, white powder. Lack of odor prevents bloating and unpleasant body odor in contact with it. It finds its application in many fields related to body care. Organic sulfur deficiency in the organism can lead to formation of rhagades or wrinkles. This substance affects the inhibition [czytaj więcej]

Minerals and chemical raw materials

DMSO – Dimethyl sulfoxide

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DMSO – Dimethyl sulfoxide Formula: C2H6OS Density: 1.1 g/cm3 Boiling temperature: 189°C Molar weight: 78.13 g/mol Assay: 99.9% Grade: for analysis Appearance: colorless hygroscopic liquid or crystals (1) (1) Melting temperature: 19°C IUPAC name: Dimethyl sulfoxide Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), (CH3)2SO is an organic chemical compound from the sulfoxides group. It is used as an analytical and chemical [czytaj więcej]

Minerals and chemical raw materials

Potassium iodide for analysis

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Potassium iodide – an inorganic chemical compound, potassium salt of hydroiodic acid, formula – KI Synonym: Kalii iodidum, potassium salt of hydroiodic acid Grade: for analysis CAS number: 7681-11-0 ЕС label: 231-659-4 NOTE H315 Causes skin irritation H319 Causes serious eye irritation H335 May cause respiratory irritation   P232 Protect from moisture. P233 Keep container [czytaj więcej]

Minerals and chemical raw materials

Crystalline iodine, for analysis

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Crystalline iodine, for analysis CAS number: 7553-56-2 ЕС number: 231-442-4 Form: constant Density: 4940 kg/m³ Melting point: 113.7°C Boiling temperature: 184.25°C Crystalline iodine at room temperature it is a solid, brilliant, blue-black crystalline substance that sublimates when heated and gives violet fumes with a characteristic acrid odor. Iodine fumes can easily solidify on the cold surface [czytaj więcej]

Minerals and chemical raw materials

Copper sulfate pentahydrate CuSO4·x 5H2O

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Copper sulfate pentahydrate Name: Copper sulfate Synonyms: copper sulfate pentahydrate Grade: Purum Purity: min. 93% Chemical formula: CuSO4 x 5H2O CAS No.: 7758-99-8 ЕС No.: 231-867-6 Index No.: 029-004-00-0 Copper sulfate is used not only as a fungicide; it combats fungi that infect plants, during dyeing and printing for wood preservation for iron dyeing for [czytaj więcej]

For disinfection

Sodium percarbonate

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Sodium percarbonate, encapsulated Chemical formula: Na2CO3·1,5 H2O2 CAS number: 15630-89-4 ЕС number: 239-707-6 Product license number: 01-2119457268-30-xxxx Application: Laundry – perfectly bleaches, very effectively removes stains – active oxygen Do you want to create laundry detergent at home? Use 1 portion of borax, sodium percarbonate and soda ash. Cleaning – disinfects. Throw a few tablespoons [czytaj więcej]

Minerals and chemical raw materials

Potassium bromide for analysis

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Potassium bromide Synonyms: potassium bromide Chemical formula: KBr Grade: for analysis Purity: 99.8% Form: white crystalline powder Molar weight: 119 g/mol CAS number: 7758-02-3   Potassium bromide is one of the reagents commonly used in black and white and archival photography. Component of many developers, especially the halide used in the synthesis of the photosensitive emulsion. [czytaj więcej]

Minerals and chemical raw materials

anhydrous zinc chloride


Zinc chloride anhydrous Grade: technical Assay min. 97% Synonyms: zinc dichloride, zinc chloride (II) Chemical formula: ZnCl2 Molecular mass: 136.28 CAS number: 7646-85-7 ЕС number: 231-592-0   Properties: Form: solid Color: white Odor: odorless pH: approx. 5 (100 g/l, H2O, 20°C) Melting point: 287°C Boiling temperature: 360°C (degradation) Auto-ignition temperature: not applicable Ignition temperature: not applicable [czytaj więcej]

Minerals and chemical raw materials

Sodium hydroxide – caustic soda – 1 kg


Sodium hydroxide – caustic soda for analysis – 1000 g Specification: Synonyms: caustic soda Grade: for analysis< Purity: min 98.5% Chemical formula: NaOHCAS No.: 1310-73-2ЕС No.: 215-185-5Index No.: 011-002-00-6   Application main component of sewerage cleaning products soap manufacturing water-glass manufacturing from silica detergents, dyes production artificial silk production rubber production, rubber reclaiming water purification processes [czytaj więcej]

Minerals and chemical raw materials

Liquid laminate for printing

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Liquid laminate CHP gloss/mat offered by Chemprymus is a universal water-soluble laminate designed primarily to protect printed products from exposure of UV rays, mechanical damage, and damage caused by industrial pollution. Laminate consumption is 20-40 m2/L, depending on the method of application and the thickness of the applied layer. Laminate can be applied with a roller, [czytaj więcej]


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